6th International Summer Campus

Invitation to apply for an extraordinary project

The concern and the work of the Künstlerstadt

Das Anliegen und die Arbeit der Künstlerstadt

Künstlerstadt is a young, innovative cultural project that is located in the north of Saxony-Anhalt. The goal of this project is to meet the demographical change with artistic/art and cultural offers. The Künstlerstadt Kalbe tries to send cultural impulses to people to help them discover their own creative potential and to motivate them to do some civic involvement for their society.
The main part of this work are the summer campus and winter campus that take place annually. At these campuses the Künstlerstadt invites local, national and international students and artists of all traits of art and offer them the opportunity to get to know the Künstlerstadt. During the Campuses they receive a scholarship that includes accomodation and the opportunity to use workplaces free of charge.
They can work here on their own projects for 2-4 weeks.
It is also possible for them to get involved in the social land art. For example they could do public events or offer workshops by themselves.
Our goal is to use the luxury of emptiness as a space to be creative and to use it for art, culture, social innovation and a new good life.
Moreover our offers should help to liven up Kalbe and the whole area of Altmark. This should get people to move here and convince them to stay.
We see ourselves as a social sculpture. That means, that we try to involve everyone who is interested in this project: scholars and artists as well as locals and guests.
Our higher goal is to awaken and support creative potential and to make space for that potential. Out of this concern we started our work in the year of 2013. We’ve been awarded multiple times even to this day.
After the beginning we see ourselves on our way to professionalisation. The creation of a scholarship of coordination supported by the „Kulturstiftung des Bundes“ was a first step in the right direction.
At the end of the last year we were incorporated in the „Neulandgewinner“-programme that belongs to the Robert Bosch Stiftung. It supports our projects with financial and also non-material help. The main part of our work is the Summer Campus that take place annually and lasts 50 days. During these 50 days we invite students of all traits of art (visual art, literature, acting, music, film, photography, media art, performance, interdisciplinary projects) to live and work in Kalbe.
They can live in accomodation and work in workplaces free of charge. Places for performances, readings, concerts or screenings are also available. A base of working materials, tools and technical equipment is also present. If the scholars have more requests, those can be discussed.

The scholarship within the Summer Campus

We wish to see our scholars of the summer campus as participants of a social sculpture. That means, that we would like if the scholars interact with the city Kalbe and its locals while they are working at their own projects (or to incorporate them into the projects if the scholars want to). For example this is possible during participative/interactive art events or during workshops with the locals.
A diverse framework programme with idea workshops, bicycle tours or intercultural dinners together offers opportunities to get to know the city, the country as well as his history and to participate their own visions in the regional development.
Furthermore we offer the students the opportunity to use unique rooms, that are partially a meaningful part of the city’s history: A former farm including the stables and a big barn, the former courthouse of Kalbe as well as an old car workshop, the so called „Trabi-Bude“, the „Gerichtslaube“, and a former inn.
These places can be used as working space. They haven’t been used for many years. Now they offer the unusual, unique opportunity to use them for creative production. This is what we mean by luxury of emptiness.
These rooms offer a space of up to 70sqm to be and work creative. But at the same time these rooms provide a challenge that is well worth it: They dont look uniform like the working places in universities. But this is how they create a special atmospheric and inspiring working area.
Moreover the Summer Campus offers the chance for an intensely interdisciplinar and intercultural exchange: As the Summer Campus invites students of all traits of art, it allows an encounter between young artists beyond professional borders.
Furthermore the Summer Campus is international. In the past aside from guests from Europe (Austria, Poland, Armenia) scholars from Australia, South Korea and China visited and worked in Kalbe successfully. We want to intensify this intercultural access in the following years.
Scholars must pay only for their own food and material costs. This year is the first time, that we could pay some travelling costs for artists, who are not living in Germany. Furniture and kitchen utensils are provided; meals are prepared in a large shared kitchen. Each scholar will be supported by a mentor.
The scholarship holders are obliged to present in weekly public studio tours either the works created in the Campus or art works they brought with them. A very good cooperation with the media is ensured.

Advantages of applying for a scholarship:

• Still only few artists in the region - art is perceived

• The media interest is very large 

• Interested audience

• Possibility of exchanges with national and international artists of all artistic genres

• Possibility of developing new projects with the other artists

• Inspiration through a new environment for your own work

• Room / apartment at home can be rented in the meantime

• Participation in the 6th Summer Campus!

• Get to know Kalbe and the Altmark in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)


Students and artists who are interested in the Summer Campus can make an application until the 23.06.2018.

The necessary application documents include the completely filled out letter of application as well as a letter of recommendation from a professor, a curriculum vitae (CV), a portfolio with max. 10 prooves of work (no originals) and a copy of the current enrollment certificate (if still studying) The application is to be send to the following address, if you are living in Germany:
Künstlerstadt Kalbe e.V.
Gerichtsstraße 26A
39624 Kalbe.

If you are living outside Germany, you could send it online: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Further information you can get at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

A first impression you can get on our homepage https://www.kuenstlerstadt-kalbe.de.


We looking forward to your applications.


alte post kl 3

The scholarship holders live in the old post office of the city.

post live

The old furniture in the rooms has a very special charm.

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